Private Label Soy Candles

 Do you want to add a new range or product to your store/salon?

But you don't want to have to learn the ins and outs of how to do it?

Cause you just don't have time or it just doesn't interest you but you could sell it and make money from it.

Plus not to mention the huge outlay in costs just to test and make sure it's OK to be sold to your clients?

Well let us take the headache out of all the learning, testing, extra costs etc by using our private label range.

We do all the hard yards and all you need to do is select colours, sizes & scents and pop your own branding on it and WALLA a whole new line of products for you to sell to your customers.

You can choose from white or black jars, gold or rose gold lids and plain white or white with black edge boxes to suit your branding. (similar to above pictures)

You also have a huge range of scents to suit all customers needs.

Now all you need to is order your size and off you go.

And best of all we can offer a refill service also (* conditions apply). So when your customer has finished her candle, she can bring it back to refill with the same scent or choose another.

GET IN CONTACT TODAY to discuss how you can get your own unique range of Soy Scented Candles in your store/salon...